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Eco-Feeding Box – Neutral

Packed With Over $84 In Value

The big buzzword for our Eco Feeding Box is REUSABLE. We're so excited to provide a box brimming with earth-friendly items this month to help your family take your show on the road each day with convenience and ease and without generating unnecessary waste. From an innovative lunch carrier to awesome, reusable food and drink containers, 100% free of BPA, to sweet accessories to make snack and mealtimes fun - this box is full of items you'll use for years to come as your little kid becomes a big kid -and beyond! This truly is a box for everyone, even if your little one is just starting solids. You'll love this unique assortment of products, and the environment will thank you!

This box is best for 6 month to 5 year-old boys and girls.

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